Do You Want To Promote Yourself By Sharing Your Love for Flagler County?

Get featured on popular podcast 'Why I Love Flagler County'

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Dr Christina Machado

Jodee Soltes

Karla Cuthbertson

Kim Sunshine

Lora Fickett

Mobil Mark Granam

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Brian McMillan

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Deanna Cisson

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Sam Hayes

Mike McDermott

Meet your Host: Macy Baxi

Macy Baxi started her podcast 'What Would You Say to Your Younger Self' at the age of 17 in 2020. She has interviewed over 200 successful professionals. Now she is excited to promote her love for Flagler County on the podcast 'Why I Love Flagler County'

She is soon releasing a ground-breaking book for parents and children - '7 Critical Career Skills They Don't Teach in School'

Interested in being a guest?

We would love to have you come on for a short, 15-minute call via Zoom for you to share what YOU love about Flagler, and also a great chance for small businesses to get their name out there!